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Telmark Packaging is the largest supplier of unit-of-use packages in the world. We offer a wide variety of packaging forms for liquids, semi-liquids, granular products, powders, tablets, and capsules. We package towelettes and saturated pads. In addition, we design and produce much of the secondary packaging that accompanies unit-dose-packaging such as sampler cards, coupons, folding cartons, mailers, vinyl bags, thermoform trays, displays, etc.

Blister Packs & Thermoforms


Blister packs and thermoforms are two of the most prevalent retail packaging forms. Used to package anything from lipstick to fishing reels, blisters and thermoforms allows the consumer to best visual the package contents. Telmark has high speed and semi-automatic equipment suited to almost any application.


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Telmark’s capacity for filling bottles is unsurpassed. Whether liquids, powders or tablets, we utilize some of the most sophisticated bottling lines in the country. Our capacity and efficiencies mean shorter lead times and lower prices to all of our customers. Telmark procures multi-millions of bottles each year making us an excellent choice to provide turnkey products.



Telmark fills jars from 5ml to 240ml on modern, high-speed jar filling equipment. We are the only company in the United States that has access to CAF (Computer Assisted Filling). CAF is a unique filling process that fills a pattern shape of an active ingredient into a clear gel. This technology has come a long way from the simple swirls randomly strewn through products in the past. Now, Sophisticated CAD equipment communicates with microprocessors that drive precise fill heads to create shapes limited only by one’s imagination.



Filling tottles requires specialized equipment that is designed to collate, feed, hold and fill these uniquely shaped packages. The tottle filler that we use are extremely versatile and able to fill tottles of nearly every configuration.


Also Available in Sample Sizes! Click Here to see Sample Tubes

One of Telmark’s the greatest areas of expertise is tube filling. We are one of the only companies in the United States that specialize in filling mini-tubes (3ml – 30ml). Telmark procures multi-millions of tubes each year making us an excellent choice to provide turnkey products.



Telmark can fill a multitude of packages including syringes, ampoules, aerosols, deodorant sticks, lip balm canisters, metal tins, metal cans, fiber cans, pails, plastic pots and more. If we do not have a specific filler for your package, our engineers can usually modify or develop equipment that will effectively fulfill your requirements.