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Telmark Packaging Corporation offers our customers a wide array of contract manufacturing services for cosmetic, nutritional, personal care and food products. Our customers appreciate working with one experienced and compliant company who can guide them through the complexities of contract manufacturing. Let Telmark do all your i’s and cross all your t’s with over 25 years of experience.

Telmark directs some of the country’s leading chemists to conceptualize, formulate and test virtually any cosmetic, nutritional, personal care and food product. Our on-staff production and quality control personnel oversee each job. All products are produced in facilities that are FDA approved, operate with impeccable GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and have high efficiency ratings. Discover why many of the country’s largest companies use Telmark to develop and produce their products.

Skin Care & Toiletry Products

Skin Care & Toiletry Products have maintained increasing markets for many years. The trends are towards “natural”, “eco-friendly” and “organic” products. Telmark is on the forefront of formulation for these types of products. We work with unique botanicals and other natural ingredients to develop many types of skin care and toiletry items.

Hair Care Products

Telmark is one of the only suppliers of hair bleach powder in the world. This, coupled with our other color products and perms, makes Telmark an excellent source for that category. We have perfected formulas that are safe and easy-to-use.

Telmark also formulates and manufactures shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, hair sprays, mousses and other related products.

Color Cosmetics

Manufacturing color cosmetics requires extensive experience and expertise. We have developed methods and processes to make certain that all our color products are of the highest quality and consistent from batch to batch. Our proven techniques allow us to simplify the subjectivity and complexity of manufacturing these types of products.


Telmark has a long-standing association with the fragrance industry. We have high-level contacts at many of the top fragrance oil manufacturers such as IFF, Givaudan, Dragoco, Robertet, Fleurin Fragrances, Fragrance Associates and Wessel Fragrances. This gives us an edge on bringing our customers the newest trends and technologies.

Nutritional Products

Telmark Packaging Corporation coordinates some of the finest tablet/capsule manufacturing and packaging services in the world. Whether dry blending or wet, tablets or capsules, bottle filling or blister packaging, nutritional or pharmaceutical, Telmark is in a position to meet your requirements.
Our GMP compliant facilities are designed to comply with your specific needs. We work with the most modern equipment and processes to provide state-of-the-art services and capabilities.

We are able to produce vitamin supplements and herbs as tablets (including effervescent and chewable), soft gels, and capsules (including veggie-caps). Our packaging capabilities are extensive and include bottle filling, strip packing, unit-dose blister packaging, cold form blisters, bagging and foil pouches.

Oral Care Products

Telmark has a facility dedicated solely to the formulation, manufacture and packaging of toothpaste. Our customers have access to hundreds of our archived formulas that allow us to reproduce almost any variety of toothpaste or tooth gel (including whitening formulas) on the market.

Lip Balm sales in the United States exceed $250MM a year. Our country is devoted to this popular and convenient remedy. Found on every retail counter, Lip Balm is also used as hotel amenities, and even handed out as promotions at retail stores such as Old Navy and The Gap. Telmark can formulate, manufacture and package lip balms in small and large quantities to meet your timelines.

Dry Food Products

Telmark’s expertise is in blending powders and granular products such as spices, food mixes, nutritional supplements, snack foods and other dry food products. We then package these products into a variety of form-fill-seal containers such as pouches, gusseted pouches, zip-lock pouches, stick pack and bag-in-box.

Our facilities are FDA approved and we are designated as "Organic Certified". The modern 120,000 sq. ft. facility has bulk rail accessibility as well as silo systems for storing large volumes of dry products.
In addition, we have the capabilities to automatically carton, shrink-wrap, assemble displays, hot-melt and other secondary packaging options. We utilize computerized combination scales and in-line check-weigh systems so that each package meets our high standards.

Aromatherapy ProductsAromatherapy Pic

Aromatherapy continues to advance as one of the fastest growing consumer product categories. Are you interested in developing or adding aromatherapy items to your product line? Wouldn't’t it be helpful to have one source that could guide you through the multitude of products and services that are available?
Telmark develops fragrance oils that are used in diffusers that we mold ourselves. Scentshape™ is our trademark for molded plastic shapes that are fragranced used as air fresheners, deodorizers, potpourri, give-a-ways and even as costume jewelry.

Adult Personal Care Productsadult_care

Telmark owns many formulas for this lucrative market segment. We produce both male and female stimulant products selling as high as $49.99 for a 4 fl. oz. tube at retail. These formulas are patented and exclusive to Telmark. We offer our customer’s a tremendous advantage in this very tightly controlled area.
We also produce many sexual novelty items such as massage oils, body paints, warming gels, sexual apparatus cleaners.

Pet Products

For over ten years, Telmark Packaging Corporation has been providing their services to the pet industry. From product and packaging design to manufacturing and packaging, Telmark is a leading supplier of many types of pet products. Telmark has private label formulations for all types of pet vitamins and supplements including popular glucosamine tablets. Our turnkey approach allows our customers to take advantage of any or all of our services. We can formulate, manufacture, package and assemble in an effort to supply our customers with the most extensive array of products and services.