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About Telmark Packaging Corporation

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Telmark Packaging Corporation is a unique sales organization that extensively represents the contract manufacturing and contract packaging industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with an extensive array of qualified services that objectively meets both functional and economic requirements.

Telmark acts as a direct sales office for a group of outstanding companies carefully chosen as leaders in their specific and unique areas. We primarily service the health & beauty, pharmaceutical, nutritional and pet products industries. And don't worry, Telmark is not a broker. Prices from us are the same, or often lower than, if you called the supplier directly.

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Why contact a multitude of suppliers as projects develop. Telmark offers our customers in-house product development, package development and even graphic design. We also offer many turnkey services where product, components, manufacturing, filling and fulfillment are quoted as one price.

As companies downsize, it is important to have suppliers that will not squander your time so that you can use it to maximize your productivity. Telmark Packaging Corporation will put you in that position as we take the problems off your desk.

? Frequently Asked Questions ?

  • How long has Telmark been in business?

    • Telmark opened its doors in November of 1994 and incorporated on April 13, 1995.

  • Is Telmark a broker?

    • Telmark is more of an enhanced manufacturer’s representative. We are enhanced because we own our own equipment in several of our suppliers. We are enhanced because we provide “turnkey products” not offered by our suppliers. We are enhanced because we often combine the services of several suppliers to produce products.

  • Will I pay a premium to use Telmark?

    • Absolutely not! Telmark is proud to offer our customers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. In fact, Telmark’s pricing is always lower than if you used our own suppliers directly. This is because of the contracted arrangements that we have with all of our suppliers and the superior buying power Telmark maintains

  • What are “turnkey products”?

    • When a contract manufacturer/packager provides all components and packaging services to produce a finished product. This might include bulk product, primary packaging components (such as bottle, cap, jar, tube, etc.), decoration, secondary packaging components (such as folding carton, display box, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.), batching, filling operations and assembly. Telmark is a world leader in providing “turnkey products” for the cosmetic/personal care, and nutritional industries.

  • Do I have to communicate with many people or companies to get answers?

    • With Telmark, you speak to one sales individual who will be able to answer any and all answers pertaining to your order. This is a great advantage when many resources need to be coordinated. For example, we produced a skin cream in a labeled tube for a recent customer. Our customer had ongoing questions relating to the product formulations, tube configuration, tube decoration, labeling constraints, folding carton specs and pack-out. In all there were 12 components and 5 suppliers. Our customer’s ongoing questions were answered from 1 Telmark representative.

  • How is the quality of my products enhanced when I use Telmark?

    • Telmark incorporates the services of only the finest component and contract packaging companies each maintaining a high level of quality control. Each facility is FDA-approved utilizing modern equipment. However, our efforts do not stop there. Telmark develops our own detailed specifications for all of our customer’s products. These specs are submitted with each order and monitored by Telmark throughout production. We do this for each and every item we produce.

  • Can Telmark help me with graphics and package design?

    • Telmark employs an in-house graphic artist that assists our package design staff. We have produced extremely creative artwork and award-winning package designs.

Featuring Telmark

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